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Talking about family

There are various ways when asking about somebody’s family. Each person in a family is called a member. Someone might ask you: how many members are in your family? There are 5 members in my family or I have 5 family members. Brother and sister are called siblings, when someone wants to find out whether you have any siblings, they will ask you: do you have any siblings? The answer could be, yes i have 2 siblings, 1 sister and 1 brother. In order to be more specific, you can also add whether they are younger or older siblings. I have one older sister and one younger brotger. If you don’t have any brothers or sisters you can say I’m the only child. Mother and father are called parents, in a conversation someone might ask you: do you live alone or do you live with your parents? I still live with my parents. Let’s have a conversation as an example, when talking about relationships. Are you in a relationships, Jake? Yes I have a girlfriend, we are planning to get married soon. If you have a husband or wife, then it means that you are married. Probably, the next thing which you can be asked after stating that you are married is: how long have you been married for? I have been married for 2 years. Saying this your conversation parter knows that you got married 2 years ago and you are still married. They can also ask you: when did you get married? I got married 2 years ago or I got married in 2017. Let’s have a conversation which also includes stating information about children. How long have you been married for? I have been married for almost 5 years. Last year, my first daughter was born, I have an older son as well.