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Talking about interests and hobbies, Talking about the things you like 

Probably, the next most common thing which you could be asked during the small talk, is a question about your interests and hobbies. The person will simply ask you what are your interests or what are your hobbies. They can also say: Please tell me about your interests / hobbies, what are you interested in, what do you do in your free time. You can answer by saying: my interests are or my hobbies are. Let’s have a conversation as an example. What are your interests? My interests are fishing and jogging. Tell me about your hobbies. My hobbies include crafting and travelling. What are you interested in? I am interested in football. 
To talk about your hobbies in more details, you can answer in a different way for example, I like swimming but I like dancing more or I am a big fan of football. You can also say a reason for doing your hobby. For example, I like basketball because it keeps me fit. I am interested in travelling because I like to learn about different cultures. If you forget a word or you don’t know how to describe your hobby, try and explain it with the words you already know. Don’t feel disencouraged if you don’t know a word or a phrase. You probably know more than you think you do.