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Test yourself - sprawdź ile zrozumiesz
Level: advanced

True or false

A certain company was found in 2016. At the begining, they did not record any profits but the company’s financial situation was stable. However, the forecast didn’t sound very optimistic. In the following year, the company took a downturn and finally went bankrupt few months later.

1. The company achieved profits at the beginning of its existance. 
2. The forecast was not promising. 
3. The company still existed following year.

Their roads crossed in the most unexpected moment. It was her wedding day and she should have been the happiest woman in the world. Instead, she was torn apart. Uncontrollably, all her thoughts were towards the man whom she has just met.

1. They met on her wedding day. 
2. She was very happy. 
3. She thought a lot about the man.

A recent study shows that there is an increasing tendency of stress among employees at their workplace. They are not able to handle the amount of work they are given. The side effects of stress include chronic tiredness, insomnia, lack of appetite and low productivity.

1. It has been noted that the stress levels are high among employees at work. 
2. Employees are given too much to do. 
3. One of the side effects of stress is increased appetiite.