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Test yourself - sprawdź ile zrozumiesz
Level: basic

True or false

Tony likes tennis. He plays tennis once a week on Tuesdays. He also likes to watch football on TV. He watches football matches with his best friend Mark. They go to school together and they live in the same village. Tony lives with his parents and he has a younger sister. He likes to play with her.

1. Tony’s best friend is Mark. 
2. Tony watches tennis games on TV. 
3. Mark goes to the same school as Tony.

Today it’s John’s birthday. His mum baked a birthday cake. She is organising a birthday party in their garden. John invited many friends for his birthday. He expects to receive many presents. He wants to get a new toy car and his favourite chocolates.

1. John’s dad baked a birthday cake. 
2. Many family members are invited to the party. 
3. The party will be in the garden. 

Helen is a little girl. She likes to play with her cat. She also likes to eat strawberries and blueberries. She watches her favourite cartoons on TV. Her mum cooks her favourite food and she looks after her every day. Helen loves her mum very much and mum loves Helen too. 

1. The story is about a little girl called Helen. 
2. Helen likes to eat apples and bananas.
3. Helen and her mum love each other. 
Sarah and her family are going to the local zoo today. Sarah’s favourite animal is a lion. Sarah thinks that lions are beautiful animals. They are called the kings of the jungle. She also thinks that the lion has an impressive mane. 
1. Sarah is going to the zoo with her family. 
2. Her favourite animal is a zebra. 
3. Lions are not the kings of the jungle. 

The weather is cold today. It is raining outside. Staying at home all day is boring. Children read books and do some drawings. They are waiting for the sun to come out so they can play outside.

1. The weather is cold. 
2. Children play games. 
3. They don’t like the sun.