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Test yourself - sprawdź ile zrozumiesz
Level: intermediate

True or false

Laura loves spring. May is her favourite month. She likes to go for a walk on a warm day. Next weekend, she is planning to go for a trip with her family. Probably, they will stay in a hostel for 2 nights. On the first day of the trip, they are going to visit local parks and have lunch in a local restaurant. They are not sure what they will be doing on the second day. Probably, visit the local museum.

1. Laura and her family are going to stay in a hotel. 
2. They are going to have dinner in a local restaurant. 
3. On the second day they might visit the local museum.

Brian studies psychology at university. He developed his interest in this subject when he was in high school. Since then he started to look for more information in order to develop his knowledge further. He also feels like he can pursue a career in this subject. In the future he wants to become a psychologist.

1. Brian likes to learn about psychology. 
2. Brian’s dream is to become a lawyer. 
3. Brian is interested in psychology since high school.

Ashley visited London yesterday. He was on a business trip there. During his business trip, he had a chance to go sightseeing a few places. Although he didn’t have a lot of time off, he managed to see the most important places. He felt very tired after walking around London. 
1. Tomorrow Ashley is going to London. 
2. He managed to visit a few places in London. 
3. He was tired. 
Yesterday, Molly and her friends came back from a camping trip. Molly has never been camping before. At first, she was not so sure about going but her friends persuaded her. She does not consider it as a great experience. She was cold most of the time, she missed her cosy bed. 
1. Molly went on a camping trip alone. 
2. She didn’t want to go at first. 
3. She felt comfortable. 

Sometimes I wonder what the world will look like in 50 years. The opinions on it are very diverse. Some people think that the world will be finally in peace and there will be no wars. In contrast, some people are predicting the third war world. End to end nobody can be sure about the future.

1. A numer of people think that there will be no wars. 
2. Some people think that there will be third world war. 
3. It’s difficult to say what will happen.

Tomorrow Suzie is going to give a speech in front of a big audience. She is very nervous. She has given a few speeches before but she has never done it in front of such a big audience. Her mum is giving her a lot of courage and all her family members keep their fingers crossed.

1. Today Suzie is giving a speech. 
2. The audience is going to be big. 
3. Her dad is giving her courage.