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Jak zapamiętać nowe słówka? (tekst po angielsku)

Jak zapamiętać nowe słówka? Do you have a problem remembering new vocabulary?

Having difficulties remembering new foreign words is one of the most common problems for students who learn English. Very often during a conversation they are not able to finish a sentence because they cannot remember a word. It often frustrates them and they feel like they lost a chance to express themselves. Luckly, of course there a number of practical solutions to this problem.

1. Read articles which are at your current level of English. Then in a few sentences describe what the article was about.
2. Note down the words which you don’t understand. Translate them then create new sentences with the words just learnt.
3. Listen to podcasts or videos and write down what you understand. The spelling of the words does not have to be correct. You can check the spelling later. 

In order to always be on top with learning new vocabulary, you can write down the words in a notebook and take it everywhere with you. When you come accross a new word, you can write it down before you forget it. Write down a big list and spend a few minutes on reading it every day. 

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