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Więcej słuchaj! Listen more! (tekst po angielsku)

Więcej słuchaj! Don’t get bored by reading study books, just listen to podcasts! 

Audio podcasts become more and more popular. The idea of creating audio podcasts sparked in my mind when one of my students asked me if I could record myself and send the recordings to her. She said that she wanted to listen to the words being pronounced in the correct form. Those recordings included whole sentences being read out which helped to remember how the words could be used in various sentences. After listening to them multiple times, she was then able to memorise the vocabulary better. People who want to learn a language start the learning proces in very practical ways right from the very beginning. Instead of sitting and reading a study book, they want to come into contact with the language immediately. They don’t get discouraged when they don’t understand something. Some of them don’t have the opportunity to be physically around people who speak the language. That’s why listening to podcasts is a good solution.


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